A grassroots membership organisation
focused on social and economic
development for people of African descent.

COVID-19 Support

The coronavirus pandemic has delivered a profound shockwave to communities across the planet. Few of us remain untouched, and we will be living with the social, economic, and wellbeing consequences for years to come. 2020 marks ‘the beginning of the beginning’.

There will be more that we can say as time unfolds. The message for now: We are here to help.

Your needs may be about basic subsistence – food, money management, security of your living circumstances. Your job may have been displaced or disappeared, so you need to think through alternatives. You may have experienced the ultimate loss, and social distancing has denied you the opportunity to pay your last respects, so you need help handling your immediate grief.

Whatever it is: We are here to help.

If you need help – or can offer help – reach out through the contact form, leaving some details so that someone can get back to you.

These are the times where we need to stand together. We are here for that purpose.

What we do

Educational programmes and events

To contribute to self-knowledge and development

Seed funding for small businesses and networks

We foster enterprise creation by investing in micro business’ (and ideas) founded by people of African descent

Encouraging trading within the community

Linking conscious consumers with black business owners

Strengthening links in the African diaspora community

Serving as community gatekeepers and fostering networks amongst black business owners


Get in touch

Whether you want to partner with us, ask about our membership plan or find out more, we are happy to help.

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