Events at 100club

Report on Education Seminar held on June 22

Around 100 folk gathered at Bignold Hall (home of Eastside Academy).

The event, hosted and facilitated by 100club, was focused on the need to set up a community school.

After the initial greeting, warm up games and refreshments; the assembled listened to testimonies from Emma Reid, a parent and educator, followed by two students, Omar and Holly, who each shared their respective journey’s - wonders and woes - of the (current) education system.

The crowd then split into groups to discuss what makes a good school and values associated with the same. Students were assigned to each group as a source of grounding and reflection.

The meeting reached a climax with an uplifting soliloquy and strategic outline from Adele Stedman with the backdrop and key question - what is education for?

The evening was warmly summed up by 100club President, Andrew Muhammad, who knitted contributions into a revolutionary vision for the future.